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Data Science


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When people hear the word “statistics,” their first reactions might range from “that’s boring” to being slightly terrified of quantitative thinking. This first podcast will aim to show why neither reaction is justified through a Ted-talk style introduction. It will illustrate why statistics is important, primarily through concrete examples, and why it is so helpful for understanding the world around us.


How should we understand, interpret, and use probability? This episode explains why probabilities are often misunderstood and will give examples to show how probabilities are calculated.


Why are statistics important for business? What is it used for? There is a field of business analytics that helps entrepreneurs understand their market, consumers, and how to better make financial decisions. This podcast episode gives a general overview of how statistics is used in a business setting.



My Mission

In a world of constant technological growth, we are gathering data at an exponential rate. New sets of skills are needed to succeed in a world where technology and data reign.

While businesses have recognized and adapted to this new world, our education system lags. The curriculum of our schools has remained stagnant for the most part.

At the foundational level of computer science, data science, quantum computing, and many of these technological advancements is one subject: Statistics. Just as a mastery of the alphabet is needed to write a book, a mastery of statistics is needed to navigate a tech driven World.

While Algebra and Geometry are mandatory subjects and advanced Calculus is expected for most high school graduates, Statistics is an elective and afterthought in the current education system.

In fact, less than 25% of students have taken a statistics course by the time they graduate from a high school that offers a statistics course. Most high schools do not offer statistics.  I was only introduced to statistics because I chose to enroll in summer sports analytics programs.  I had to take statistics independently in high school and now it is my greatest passion!

The goal of this platform is to empower younger students to appreciate and master statistics at a much earlier age. This will help them ramp up their skills in data science and computer science and better prepare them for the job market. In my podcast, I break down concepts in statistics and show you different ways of looking at the world through the lens of statistics. I explain concepts simply and pick the brains of professors and business executives in this field. And most importantly, I make it interesting.



About me

I am Nathaniel Yellin, a sports and statistics enthusiast who loves crunching numbers, analyzing data on Twitter, and cheering on my favorite sports teams.


I am especially fascinated by developments in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Data Science. I believe that understanding these technologies and statistics concepts are especially critical for current students.


Through this platform, I hope to educate others about all things statistics.


Current Independent Research:

Evaluating the use of emoji’s on Twitter and the impact it has in the Finance Domain;

Using data science to unearth gender bias in sports journalism for female college athletes in a R shiny app SIDELINED



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